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Absogain Retail Solutions is one of a marketplace to discover and providing many of unique Indian Products including Handmade, Vintage and Ethnic products from India. India is a beautiful assortment of diversity reflected in our Culture and along with culture our style of clothing, Food, Lifestyle, Language, Music, Books etc shows a lot of diversity. Our company made that sincere attempt by efforts of team who think this is possible now to take that diversity to every corner of this country. Our company connects to local artisans & designers directly to Indian and global customers and thereby increase their livelihood, remove middlemen, help them create/promote their brand and thereby preserve our culture, traditions and values. We believe this journey will not only help artisans of India but also help customers discover and buy products which they otherwise are not able to do today.

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Name : Navneet Gupta

Address : Shop No. 20-21-22 Naharpar, Kheri Road, Karnal Vihar, Near 24 feet road, Near Bikaner Sweets Greater   Faridabad HR  121002

Webpage : http://absogain.shopclues.com